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Local and World News of Central America – Press Freedom

According to the latest Reporters Without Borders report, the country with the greatest press freedom in the region is Costa Rica, followed by Belize in second place and El Salvador in third place.

Internet usage in Central America

Central America is technologically one of the least advanced regions of the world with a high dependence on the First World powers to enter the Globalization. The exception: Costa Rica, being the country with the highest indicator of Internet and Technology use in the isthmus, followed by Panama where just over half has access to the Internet; on the other hand in the rest of the countries less than a third makes use of it and its presence has been later, in El Salvador the Internet has managed to increase since 2009, in Guatemala since 2010, in Honduras since 2011 and finally Nicaragua since 2013, the latter has the lowest trends in Latin America surpassing only Cuba and Haiti.

Development of the Mayan civilization

With the maximum splendor of the American civilizations, the continent entered its history thanks to the development of writing, especially by the Mayas from the year 292.

Although the isolation of the continent with respect to the rest of the planet did not allow an exchange of knowledge that would strengthen these cultures to prepare them for their future encounter with the other continents, their advances are of great universal value and have great validity, such as the calendar, mathematics, astronomy, geological observations and many other elements that are the subject of study today.

The splendor of the Mayan culture began in 292.
This period, the classic, ended in 900 with the decline of the Maya. Tikal, Palenque and Copán are among the main Mayan urban centers that were city-states.

This period also includes the Chavin culture that extended from western Peru to Ecuador in South America, between the coast and the jungle belt.
This culture developed between 1500 B.C. and 500 B.C.; that is, during a millennium, its hegemony prevailed in all Andean activities in the region or in its area of influence; such is the case of the recent discoveries in the caves of Talgua, in Honduras.

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