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The newspaper “Reforma” Heart of Mexico (or simply Reform, as it is popularly known) is a national newspaper that is printed in Mexico in Mexico City and is edited by the “Reform Group”. Flows from the November 20, 1993. Its director is Alejandro Junco de la Vega. The newspaper has a history of awards for freedom of expression and independent journalism.
Mexico Latest News for Today - La Jornada
“La Jornada” is one of Mexico’s leading national newspapers published daily in Mexico City. It was founded on September 19, 1984 by Carlos Payan. Has ‘tabloid’ format and is based in Mexico City. National ranks fourth, and the third in the federal District.
Mexico Latest News for Today - El Universal
El Universal is a Mexican newspaper based in Mexico City.
El Universal was founded by Félix Palavicini and Emilio Rabasa in October 1916, in the city of Santiago de Queretaro to cover the end of the Mexican Revolution and the creation of the new Mexican Constitution. The circulation of the print edition of El Universal is more than 300,000 readers.
In 2013 the El Universal website claimed to have an average of more than 16 million unique visitors each month, with 140 million page views, and 4 million followers on Facebook.
Aviso Oportuno is the classifieds service of El Universal. The brand has become widely known in Mexico, and the phrase Aviso Oportuno is sometimes used as a generic term for the classifieds business. This brand has four sub-sites: Inmuebles, Vehículos , Empleos and Varios (Real Estate, Vehicles, Jobs and Miscellaneous).
News items are open to reader comments through a simple sign-up system which has resulted in many accusations of bias and propaganda. The system also tends towards anonymity and abuse by having questionable users and operators pass as average readers discrediting political and journalistic adversaries.
Mexico Latest News for Today - La Prensa
Organización Editorial Mexicana is a media company with a presence in almost all of Mexico. Under his name 70 newspapers, including “La Prensa”, 24 radio stations, one television channel and 43 Internet sites are grouped.
Mexico Latest News for Today - El Financiero
“El Financiero” specializing in Finance Portal, Markets, Business and Economics.
Mexico Latest News for Today - ESTO
ESTO Mexican sports daily
Mexico Latest News for Today - Estadio Deportes
“Estadio Deportes” is a website where you can find all relevant information about all the local and international sports
Mexico Latest News for Today
Mexico Latest News for Today - Excelsior
“Excelsior” is the second oldest newspaper in Mexico City, after “El Universal”, and is one of the largest in Mexico. It was founded by Rafael Alducin and its first issue circulated March 18, 1917.

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